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Probe Repair

Repair parts:


Damaged crystals/elements

Probe head which have dead elements or drop out in the image

Cracked case (avoid electric shock danger)

Circuit problem

Broken wire/cable

Broken tail jacket

Connector problem

4D motor repair

Identify system problem

Procedure for repair probe:

1,If you have faulty probe, you can tell me model of the probe and its problem, we will give you preliminary judgment about problem,advice and cost  (Free: There is no charge or any obligation for evaluating ultrasound

transducers for repair)  

2,If you confirm repair it, just contact us for shipment details.

3,After we received you ultrasound transducer,Engineer Dept. will do complete checking and testing, then make a reasonable plan to make it right.

4 After finish repair, we will sent the probe to your door by DHL,FedEx or Aramex.

Cost for probes:

It depends on probe model, the repair part.  

Lead time:

For common probes, it takes 3-4 days for analysis , testing ,repairing, and make it dry.

For special probes, it all depends its actual situation, maybe 1 week.

Warranty for repair probe:

12 months for change new probe head, and 6 months for other parts.

(All man-made damage, damage caused by improper operation or loss in normal operation condition are not included)

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Before repair & After repair
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