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Located in Shenzhen, SAKE TECHNOLOGY is professional in R&D, manufacture and marketing of compatible/replacement/clone new ultrasound probes since 2001.

As the leading supplier of compatible ultrasound probes, we can provide almost all kinds of compatible/ replacement/clone ultrasound probes, Our R&D team is composed by engineers with more than 10 years experience, and we have complete set of ultrasound machines for probe manufacture, test and maintenance.

We manufacture compatible/replacement/clone probes for below famous brands:


Probe type including convex probe, linear probe, transvaginal probe, endocavity probe,transrectal probe, phased array probe, surgical probe, probe for veterinary diagnosis and probe for obstetrics and gynecology, all are of high quality and excellent performance(clear images, high resolution, short pulse, wide frequency band and an up to 95% relative bandwidth)

Specification:Our compatible ultrasound probes are with number of array elements ranges from 64 to 256, frequency from 2MHz to 10MHz and radius of curvature from 7mm to 60mm.

Certificate : All our compatible probes are CE & ISO 13485 certificated.

Warranty : 12 months since delivery time.

All man-made damage, damage caused by improper operation or loss in normal operation condition are not included

Cost for our compatible ultrasound probes: from USD 200 - USD 2000.

We repair all probes we manufacture and some original probes.

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